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Most frequently asked question: What are the differences between Al Carter’s ReboundAIR™ rebounders, the Needak brand and other exercise mini-trampolines? An excellent question. Here is the

"Specs" Comparative Chart

Parameters, characteristics, specifications compared are listed below, left column:

Al Carter's Half-Fold ReboundAIR™

24 years of innovation
-Patents Pending-

Half-Fold Needak brand

Notes: "Cellusizer" brand is very similar to the Needak.
The new
"Life-Tec Healthbounder" differences added in purple.  Otherwise it is a Needak copy.

Jump King and Sporting Goods Store Brands

Lifetime All-Component Warranty

Included.  Our Lifetime Warranty covers ALL components, plus Wear and Tear Replacement (if ever needed) for the life of your ReboundAIR™

Not included.  2 years on the springs, leg tips, and spring cover.  5 years on the mat, cleats and spring pins.  Lifetime only on the frame.

Perhaps a 90 day warranty.  Most, warranty not included.


ReboundAIR™:  Continuous with frame, internally bolted
Small hinge radius, new round design, safe

For more information, please read "Evolution of the Safety Hinge, Exclusive to the Half-Fold ReboundAIR"

Needak and their design copies:  Externally welded.
Bulky, jaw-like, may injure fingers, commonly pinches carpet or tears spring cover.
Outdated design from the early 80's.

Store Brands:

Frame paint

Baked on enamel coat

Spray painted


Permatron mat




High resilience, soft bounce springs according to composition and pre-load tests by BYU, Dept. of Engineering and Geneva Steel Corp.

36 high caliber wide-belly shape springs,
20 coils per spring, even distribution of stress, uniform shape, no weak bends in the shape of the spring

36 springs,
20 coils per spring, sharp bend at ends creating weak points in shape

Life-Tec's unit, under mild product testing, depressed too far resulting in abrupt "bottoming out".  Our 160 lb participant could hit the floor at will.

Low grade, coils vary, unacceptable rate of failure

Double-sided mat circumference bands




Spring cover

ReboundAIR™:  Leather-like, superior thickness, superior appearance, black

Needak and their design copies:  Plastic-like, thin nylon, black, tears are common

Life-Tec's spring cover, under mild product testing, had an unacceptable rate of failure.  We removed it for the remaining tests.

Plastic-like, assorted colors

Leg length



7" or shorter

Spring loaded folding legs




Quarter-Fold portable model

The Ultimate Rebound™, a revolutionary new composite Quarter Fold model, custom fitted to an airport dolly



Spring cover designed to allow folding without tearing



Spring cover tears, common complaint


Rubber leg tips

Widest diameter (larger surface area), longest length along leg, concave shape at bottom for increased longevity

Needak and their design copies:
Medium diameter, 1" shorter along leg, 33% less rubber, flat shape at bottom, difficult to remove for stabilizing bar attachment

Plastic tips.

Endorsed by Al Carter, the Pioneer and Innovator of the Rebound Exercise Industry


About Al Carter



Accessories: Carrying Case

Stabilizing Bar





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Supporting educational materials

This is the source, the official site, the "Voice of the Rebound Exercise Industry."  Al Carter has been lecturing since his first book in 1979.
On-going exercise program development and equipment testing.  **Our next seminar will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for Dr. Duane Smith and friends!**

Link to books, videos and equipment!

Needak sends our Immune System Video, one of Al Carter's lectures, with every rebounder.


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Same-day shipping

only 4 to 6 business days to destination via FedEx, fast, guaranteed mint arrival condition

often required to order through a distributor, additional third party steps in the shipping process, unregulated and variable

purchase at local store

Retail Price, Standard

check the products page for current discounts and gifts with purchase


$29. to 69.

Retail Price, Half-Fold Model

check the products page for current discounts and gifts with purchase


Life-Tec and Life-Tec copies sell at around $150


Retail Price, Quarter-Fold Model

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Question:  How does the ReboundAIR compare to a treadmill?

A:  Lets go!  Compare a rebounder to a treadmill. 

Recently, in national health and fitness news, rebound exercise has been receiving some attention due to its resurgence, but this time within the clinical and health club settings. Question: How is the ReboundAIR used in a clinical or therapeutic setting? For starters, here is a letter from Neil Primack, Physical Therapist:

Dear Darren,

Thank you for calling to see how I'm doing with the ReboundAIR. I appreciate your concern and was delighted how well you took my suggestions. I've been a licensed physical therapist since 1986 and have experimented with many types of exercise equipment. The ReboundAIR is, without a doubt, an exceptional piece of exercise equipment that will benefit people of all ages as well as a wide variety of patients in the arena of musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiovascular rehabilitation. It's simple, extremely sturdy, inexpensive and easy to learn. As a Pilates Method exercise instructor and Swiss Ball enthusiast, I really appreciate low impact workouts. In fact, the ReboundAIR both compliments and extends the therapeutic benefits of both the Pilates Method and Therapeutic Ball techniques. The ReboundAIR is an excellent exercise technique for people who dislike health clubs or for so many folks who complain of lack of time for exercise. Patients are really drawn to the ReboundAIR, and in a period of about a week, two doctors purchased the unit after trying it in my office. I am very impressed with the ReboundAIR, how it's been engineered and expect to be using it personally and recommending it to others for many years to come.


Neil Primack, P.T.
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

More questions about therapeutic rebounding? Read about the applications of rebounding for the…

  • sedentary (gentle first step)
  • elderly (balance, endurance, delaying osteoporosis)
  • disabled ("ability")
  • athletic (complimenting mode of training)
  • executives (during the "brainstorms" at work)
  • injured (rehabilitation)
  • children (balance, coordination, fun)
  • patients (safe, effective cardiac and cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema management, etc.)
  • weight watchers (while enjoying your favorite show or follow one of our rebound aerobics video tapes)

…in the best seller The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise by Al Carter.



Question: What is the difference in strength between the units that fold and the non-folding models?

A:  Product testing and long-term client use shows no structural integrity differences between the folding and non-folding models.


Question: What are the dimensions and user weight limitations for the rebounders?

A:  The dimensions are the same for all the ReboundAIR models: 40 inch diameter frame-to-frame and a large 28 inch diameter mat. Under the Lifetime Warranty, there is a 300 lb. client weight limitation (400 lb. on the Quarter Fold).


Question:  "Mr. Carter, I am interested in rebounding.  My parents have owned a mini tramp for years.  But, my husband thinks it is all a gimmick, just someone selling 'snake oil'.  What evidence can you provide beyond claims and testimonials?" -Lisa Taylor

A:  Thanks for the inquiry!  We welcome your questions.
Here is a helpful link.  It includes some reputable technical studies and endorsements:  Reboundology Excerpts Page
This we do know, and even the folks who are discipline-challenged have to admit,  "Exercise is favorable for the body."  Based on this common belief, we know rebounding is at least a legitimate aerobic modality because we are able to safely achieve and maintain our target heart rate by using it as recommended.  This duration and intensity places demands on the Krebs cycle within the mitochondia of the cells, related to endurance improvements, energy consumption (fueled primarily by free fatty acids from our adipose fat stores) and ATP production, the energy currency of the cells.  The by-product of this process at this aerobic intensity level is CO2, water and heat, rather than lactic acid and heat. 
In short, we are able to workout within all the parameters (frequency, intensity, duration, mode) outlined and recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine for optimal health benefits. (More: Rebound Aerobics Video)
Rebound Exercise is fun for most people so it will be performed more often.  "Exercise is effective only if the person actually exercises!"  One key is to find something you enjoy doing.  Our follow-along video called "Keep on Rebounding!" is enjoyable.  Clients lose weight and tone up with this routine three to five times a week.  They often comment how enjoyable rebounding is, especially compared to the treadmill or stationary biking ("spinning").   (More: ReboundAIR vs. Treadmills)
Some describe how convenient it is, requiring no special clothing (barefoot, socks, athletic shoes, shorts... all optional) or no time consuming trip to the club. 
The low level of trauma and impact to the joints gives it additional benefits superior to many forms of high impact exercise.  Joint health is a hot topic for baby boomers, joggers and injured athletes.  Incidentally, this is why rebounders are used as physical therapy tools for the disabled, obese, elderly and just about anyone else with a special need. 
The up and down motion effectively opens and closes the millions of one-way valves found within our Lymphatic Systems.  Yes, other exercise forms of exercise result in lymph circulation, but because of rebounding's vertical motion, it seems to do this particularly well.  Most of our valves are positioned vertically, hence vertical motion is favorable simply due to our anatomy.  For example, interstitial fluid from the lower extremity is moved upward where it is filtered and finally drained back into the blood in a particular location, up at the clavicle level. ("Thoracic Duct" of the Lymphatic System, our internal vacuum cleaner.)
Beyond this, rebound exercise is an unfamiliar environment that your body must adjust to by developing additional balance and coordination.  This is an interesting topic because, to me, it is an amazing process.  It involves feedback from the proprioceptors in the joints telling the cerebellum instant information about the joints' angles and the limbs position in space.  This is combined with visual clues of the fixed external environment and the motion detected in the inner ear.  Oversimplified, the result is a keener sense of balance, kinesthetic awareness or "air sense".
Put your hands on your abs and back while jumping.  Feel them contract to keep your body upright at the bottom of every bounce many times per minute!  Try it!  With time, you will tone up and notice the difference.  We like to call this a result of the "G-Force effect".  For a split second at the bottom of the bounce, as your body slows down, loading the springs, changes directions and starts its way back up, you will weigh about 2 to 3 times your own body weight.  Your muscles and connective tissues must respond to this increased demand placed on them by getting stronger.  Sure, this demand is applied with other forms of exercise, but not without instantaneous impact to the joints, which could have chronic pain/damage ramifications over time.  Question is, will damage occur sooner or later?  We feel it preferable to obtain the same exercise benefits while protecting and strengthening the skeletal system.  We must rely on our skeletal framework for a lifetime!
These are just a few thoughts.  More can be found in Al's best seller The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise.  He is currently writing a new book, the title to be announced.  (View products page)
I understand your husband's "snake oil" suspiciousness.  I received a BS in Exercise Physiology and a Registry in Cardiac Sonography (RCS).  I perform diagnostic tests on heart patients and assist the Physicians in prescribing personalized lifestyle changes to help recover from heart disease or to prevent it from ever occurring in the first place.  In hindsight, my college major should have been named "rock solid health and fitness in a quackery infested field."  Outrageous things have been said about Rebound Exercise that I, personally, do not agree with.  Unfortunately, the entire health field is full of such suspicious claims.  Evenso, there are plenty of obvious benefits that earn rebounding a rightful place beside other forms of fun, safe exercise modes.  In fact, a few key benefits and many advantages of regular rebounding have been shown to be superior to other forms of exercise.  We have 23 years of results making this quite clear.  But don't let this change what is working for you.  I enjoy virtually all forms of exercise and recommend people to continue what it is they do to make exercise enjoyable for them.  Biking?  Excellent.  Walking?  Great.  Swimming?  Keep up the good work!  Now try rebounding between workouts and see what happens.  You just might find more endurance, strength, weight loss and motivation, among other benefits we have observed!  (For more information, please read  33 Ways the Body Responds to Rebounding by Al Carter and Dr. Walker.)
Again, thanks for your inquiry!  Please keep those questions coming!

--Darren Carter, Research and Development, AIR, Inc.  Research@healthbounce.com


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