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How To Rebound Exercise Properly?

An anaerobic workout that you can perform by jumping on a trampoline. Such an exertion strengthens your lower body part, makes the bones strong, improves endurance, and keeps your body toned.

There are many other benefits of rebounding that we will discuss later.

However, you will be glad to know that this practice never makes much impact on your joints.

How to Get Prepared For Rebounding?

You have two options; either purchase a mini-trampoline or join a health club that has such items. In case you want to invest in a rebounder, try to find something that can fit your room.

There is a wide range of trampolines available to purchase; it’s better to consider some of the points before you spent your money.

What to Look For in a Mini-Trampoline?

  • Build quality: Choose a mini trampoline with strong and stable legs. Apart from that, make sure that it has a circumference of more than 36 inches.
  • Weight capacity: The trampoline should be able to withstand your weight. So, choose something with a weight capacity of at least 250 pounds.
  • Dimensions: If you are running low on storage space, try a foldable trampoline that you can use and store easily.
  • Sound level: Try to find something that does not make much noise while you bounce.
  • Other considerations: Some of the mini-trampolines are available with a handlebar, which is useful if you are a beginner. You might find something that can also track your activities. For instance, it can tell you the number of jumps and the amount of calories lost.

How to Get Started & Rebound Exercise Properly?

Warm-up: Start with small and easy jumps to warm up your body. Let your muscles adapt to bouncing because rebounding is something that it’s not habitual. Do it naturally. Stomp on the trampoline and do not try to jump high. One or two inches from the trampoline is sufficient.

 Jogging: Begin with light jogging. You can keep your spine straight during the movement, or you can also lean back a little while lifting the knees. Move like you are jogging on a plane surface and keep pumping your arms.

As a newcomer, you don’t have to lift your knees more than a couple of inches. Take the knees higher once you stay regular for few days. After some light jogging, you can try and move around the trampoline. Next, attempt and make your stance wide. You can also keep your arms above or behind your head while jogging.

After experiencing the first two movements, you should jog or jump from one side of the mini-trampoline to another. The side-to-side movement targets different muscles and strengthens them.

Jumping jacks: You need to practice jumping jacks on a trampoline a little different than you do it regularly. Stomp down your legs and move in and out. Do not move your arms overhead. Instead, swing them in and out on your side while stomping your legs. Also, bend your torso a little forward during this activity. Practice jumping jacks for at least up to 5 minutes every day.

Pelvic floor bounce: Stand on the trampoline and place an exercise between your knees. Now, you need to bounce very slowly. Place your hands on your pelvic bones for added focus. Start with up to 5 minutes every day; then you can increase the duration after few days.

Intervals: You can perform the above mentioned activities for any period. Change your intensity to lose more calories and improve the cardiovascular system. For instance, you can start with 20 seconds of hard jumping, rest for 10 seconds or jump without many efforts and repeat. You can change the duration after building some strength.

Weights: Once you are comfortable with the rebounding, you can add weights to make it more intense. Hold 2 or 3-pound dumbbells in your hands and jump for a few minutes. Increase the weight after some days.

How Often Should You Rebound?

For desired results, you should rebound five days a week. But, people practicing on mini-trampolines for three days per week can also enjoy all the benefits. So, there is no exact answer for how many days you should rebound because it ultimately depends upon your fitness level.

Rebounding for 20 minutes is sufficient for a fit and immune body. But, you should start with 5 minutes as a newcomer. You can increase the workout duration once your body adjusts and gain some strength.

How to Find a Group Fitness Class?

Gyms and fitness clubs offer workout programs led by a professional trainer. The environment and people working-out keeps you motivated. So, there is nothing not to like. You can find such sessions in any of the regions. Focus on the clubs that offer rebounding or mini-trampoline training.

The first step is to ask your family members and friends to tell you the best place in your region. You can also try to find such classes on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Type rebounding sessions near me, and you will get multiple results to try.

Remember that you need to register in such a program in advance because there are limited seats available. You can understand it easily, because one gym can accommodate a certain number of trampolines inside its public space. Make sure your message, mail, or call before visiting such an establishment.

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