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Most Expensive Treadmills Reviews

Most Expensive Treadmills Reviews

Ready to take your home gym to the next level?

Discover the top 10 most expensive treadmills for 2023 and see how they stack up in terms of performance, features, and price.

From advanced tech to luxurious design, our reviews will give you an inside look at the ultimate in high-end fitness equipment. Get ready to sweat in style with our expert recommendations!

Most Expensive Treadmills Reviews

1. Mortara Q40-1AFDM Luxury Treadmill

Mortara Q40-1AFDM high end treadmill


  • Dimensions-10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight- 300 pounds
  • Model Number-Q40-1AFDM

Kicking off our list is the Mortara Q40-1AFDM that will guarantee you high-end performance with its state-of-the-art runway. Not many treadmills will guarantee you your body’s safety like this treadmill will.

That’s because most treadmills focus only on helping the person rack up the distance on the machine. The Mortara treadmill is a fantastic option if you need a treadmill that will engage all your limbs to achieve the perfect workout.

It comes with an advanced software options kit that will enable you to upload any exercise software onto it. You can also access other training materials online, thanks to how smart this treadmill is.

It has a thermal printer that you use to print your vitals after every walk or run for analysis elsewhere or in the hospital. The 120V motor ensures dependable quality with a speed that you can adjust to fit your speed.

If you’re looking for a stress reliever treadmill, then you won’t put a foot wrong with this machine.


  • It has an advanced operating system to ensure that makes monitoring of vitals easier
  • The 120V motor offers you quiet operation
  • It engages all your limbs for effective exercising


  • It is quite expensive

2. StarTrac 8 Series High-end Treadmill

SpecificationsStar Trac 8 Series TRx Expensive TreadmillDimensions- 85 x 36 x 63 inches

  • Max Speed-12mph
  • Max user Weight- 500 pounds

The Start Trac treadmill features a unique uniframe design that gives the aesthetic beauty typical of commercial treadmills. It prides itself on the advanced cell cushioning technology that provides enough shock-absorbing technology to improve the user’s safety.

The maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds means almost anyone can use it to get in shape. You can increase the speeds from 0.5 miles per hour(mph) to 15mph. You can, therefore, progressively increase your speed to match your endurance.

The LCD makes monitoring and evaluation of body performance a breeze. Additionally, it features a personal fan, USB port, and a service light integrated into the machine. You can also connect to a Bluetooth device.

It has a robust frame that will support you for the better part of ten years. In case of any issues, the ten-year warranty should cover you well.


  • It features several smart features that make it easy to use
  • The maximum user weight can cover all weights of people
  • The LCD is large enough to showcase all the training statistics
  • It is a durable machine


  • It is bulky and takes up a lot of space

3. NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills

NordicTrack Commercial Series TreadmillsSpecifications

  • Dimensions- 79.5 x 39.2 x 66.6 inches
  • Weight-300 pounds
  • Max speed- 12mph
  • Max incline-15

The Nordic track treadmill allows you to be a global fitness platform member, IFit. IFit provides personalized training routines for all users of this treadmill so long as they have registered to use it.

It has a 22-inch interactive screen that makes monitoring of your vitals easier. The touchscreen enables you to select the ideal training mode on IFit. It also makes it easy to set or increase the speed.

The maximum user weight is 300 pounds, which should be enough for most ordinary people. The motor provides smart movement and cardio training at home without being a noisy nuisance.

To save space in your house, it features a unique space-saving design. The easy lift assist also makes it easier to transfer from place to place. The non-flex rollers ensure you have a sturdy grip on the treadmill as you work out.


  • The large display makes monitoring of speed and heart rate simpler
  • The space-saving design ensures it uses as little space as possible
  • The wide running surface is easy safe and protects the user from injuries
  • Membership to IFit ensures one has the best guidance to workout


  • The 300-pound maximum user weight is a bit on the low side

4. SportsArt N685 Self Powered Treadmill


  • Dimensions- 79.5 x 39.2 x 66.6 inches
  • Weight-300 pounds
  • Motor- Nonmotorized

The SportsArt is a unique self-powered treadmill that prides itself on the sleek design it comes with. Its design combines perfectly with the low friction running belt to provide you with the perfect running surface

It has mechanical and electrical braking systems that make it easier to control and adjust the speed. It can, however, only support a maximum weight of 150kgs.

The display allows you to view your stats and other vitals by reading them out to you. It has different workout modes for walking or running, making it the ideal treadmill for use.

It can accommodate running, walking, jogging, and even sprinting. Not most treadmills would allow that. The slatted belt improves comfort with each exercise you do. It is easy to see why it is among the best high-end treadmills.


  • It is entirely nonmotorized and s thus quiet
  • The slat belt runway increases comfort by reducing friction
  • It reads out the stats as you workout
  • The running belt is low friction to reduce risks of accidents


  • It can only support a max user weight of 150 kgs

5. ProForm Performance 400i


  • Model number: PFTL59518
  • Maximum User Weight-300 pounds
  • Motor- March Z Motor

The ProForm running treadmill is another workout machine that will enable you access to the IFit fitness group. The IFit membership means you can link your exercising to the internet and get a trainer and liaise with other trainers.

It has ten mph digital speed controls and 10% incline controls. Thus, you can tune it to fit your workout routine as much as possible. The smart control features mean your IFit trainer can adjust the treadmill for you.

The 18 by 50 inches running belt offers you a wide enough area to run or walk on. It also has pro-shox shock absorption to reduce the chances of injury as you run.

Storage and transport are relatively easy since it is foldable and has a compact size. The auxiliary port has two speakers that help you hear the IFit trainer as they guide you.


  • Guarantees you access to the IFit family of trainers and trainees
  • The running belt is wide enough to support a person of six feet
  • The 300-pound maximum user weight is sufficient for most people
  • The motor runs quietly


  • The IFit membership will probably cost you some money

6. California Fitness Malibu 12 Treadmill


  • Dimensions- 85 x 36 x 63 inches
  • Max user Weight- 500 pounds
  • Display: Touchscreen

The California Fitness treadmill has an AC motor that provides you with dependable performance and offers you quiet operation. The quiet operation means you won’t distract family members as you work out.

It comes with a wide ortho-grade non-slip surface that protects your knee from any injuries. It also has a cushion to shield you from the long-term effects of training on the treadmill.

The runway has an air touch suspension that offers extra protection for your knees. It gives you a feeling akin to walking on air. You can play your favorite music with the USB port as you work out.

The adjustability buttons are at convenient places on the treadmill to ensure you can easily switch speeds or incline.


  • The runway has a unique design that relieves pressure on the knees
  • The touchscreen display enables you to switch speeds and monitor stats easily
  • The motor operates rather quietly
  • The running belt is of orthograde and non-slip material


  • None

7. FreeMotion T11.9 Reflex Exercise Treadmill


  • Dimensions- 89 x 41 x 27 inches
  • Maximum speed-12 mph
  • Max user Weight- 589 pounds

The FreeMotion T11.9 is a high-end treadmill with the highest possible maximum user weight. It can support a person as heavy as 589 pounds making it suitable for most people looking to cut some weight.

The controls are easily accessible, allowing you to easily change the speed and other settings. The HD display adds a tad of sophistication to using this machine, and the readouts make it easier to know your stats.

This treadmill can help kickstart your weight loss journey or gym business with its voice control. You can call out commands in a class setting, making it the ideal fit for guiding clients.

The reflex cushioning is easy on your hips and knees and protects you from any injuries as you work. This cushioning will help you run or walk for longer.


  • The reflex cushioning enables a user to run for longer
  • The high maximum weight makes it suitable for almost anyone
  • It shows you your stats as you run
  • The readouts make it easier to use and help you concentrate on working out


  • You can’t easily adjust the speed

8. SportsArt Senza T656-19


  • Maximum speed-15 mph
  • Max user Weight- 589 pounds
  • Maximum incline-15
  • Deck width- 19.”

The SportsArt Senza T656-19 doesn’t differ much from its sister in matters of quality performance. It has premium technology that provides you with top-grade performance and entertainment.

It comes with anycast mirror screen technology and a touchscreen display that enables you to control it and see your stats easily. The screen is also backlit to ensure you can see it clearly, no matter the lighting.

To improve your workout experience, you can incline this treadmill 3 percent through 15 percent. That will make you get more from your workout and help tone your muscles.

Being a smart device, it is compatible with android music and has a Bluetooth option for heart rate support. The inbuilt port also allows you to insert headphones and listen to your favorite music as you work out.

It also has Wi-Fi connectivity and TV support. The smart features on this treadmill are just way out of this world, and we would fill a whole page trying to list them all. We would say it is worth the money it is retailing at.


  • It has so many smart features that make it as comfortable as possible
  • The backlit touchscreen makes it easier to control it
  • You can listen to music as you work either with your headphones or loud
  • It can support different languages


  • It has so many features that might take some time to get used to

9. Excel 900 Treadmill with Envision Console


  • Dimensions- 82 x 34 x 60.37 inches
  • Maximum speed-12 mph
  • Max user Weight- 400 pounds

You might have noticed that most of the luxury treadmills on our list have brilliant features that make them warrant the price. The features are sure to impress you.

The Excel 900 treadmill is yet another treadmill with additional smart features to the usual treadmill features. For instance, you can control your heart rate within a set target, thanks to the HRC cruise control.

It also comes with smart Bluetooth connectivity for the heart rate, the workout data. It allows you to sync your headphones and listen to some music.

You can also adjust the deck to cushion you against any injuries that might arise from running on it. The true soft system helps reduce the stress on the joints as you work out.


  • It has a system dedicated solely to reducing joint stress, making it a delight to use
  • You can sync it with your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your music as you workout
  • The HRC cruise control enables you to control your heart rate according to the target
  • It has a customizable deck that cushions you from injuries


  • It is quite fragile and requires a lot of maintenance

10. QERNTPEY Treadmill


  • Dimensions- 82 x 34 x 60.37 inches
  • Model Number-Q40-1AFDM

If you prefer jogging, running, or walk exercising from your home’s comfort, this luxury treadmill will be ideal for you. It has a foldable design that ensures it occupies as little space as possible.

The 3.5 motor provides it with silent operation. Also, it enables it to run at a maximum speed of 10km per hour. The motor is also a long-life motor that won’t need replacing soon after purchase.

It has a multilayered running belt that absorbs the shock as you run and protects your knees. The shockproof system can withstand a maximum height of 150 kgs.

You can also control it merely at a touch of a button. You can also monitor your running data like heart rate, speed, and distance in real-time.

With this machine, you will be sure of a superior running experience that will protect your knees from any running injuries.


  • It has a foldable design that makes it easy to store
  • Allows for real-time monitoring of running stats
  • The long-life motor guarantees speed and silent operation
  • The running belts have multiple layers that absorb shock when you run, making it safe
  1. Horizon Fitness 7.4 Advanced Training Studio


  • Dimensions- 80.7 x 33.1 x 15.6 inches
  • Max user Weight- 400 pounds
  • Motor-3.5CHP
  • model number: HTM1320-01

The Horizon high-end treadmill allows you to connect it to fitness apps like Zwift or make guide runs that you live from Peloton. The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream the classes from these fitness apps.

With the quick dial keys, it is possible to keep track of your classes and schedule yourself to the ideal time for you. It has a 3.5 CHP motor that enables you to hit top speeds during interval training easily.

The deck has a cushioned material that will protect you from knee injuries as you jog or run on the treadmill. You can also incline the treadmill to several levels to fit your training routine.

For most tools, you want one that is strong and durable. The Horizon treadmill has a robust and rugged frame that ensures it will outlive most other treadmills on the market.

In case the motor or frame develops problems, you can always have the company check them out since the two have a lifetime warranty.


  • You can connect it with fitness apps for better training
  • The deck has a cushion to protect you from injuries better
  • It has a 3.5CHP motor that ensures silent yet efficient operation
  • It has a robust and durable frame


  • Installation can be quite challenging for one person

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Are Expensive Treadmills Worth It?

Have you stopped and asked yourself which the most expensive treadmills are? And if they are that expensive, are they worth the money? What is the performance you can get from such a treadmill? How easy is it to use? Let’s find the answer.

Most people are used to treadmills being quite expensive. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to have people linking more expensive treadmills to quality and durability. It is more often to hear someone say if it’s costly, it must be worth it.

What then are these expensive treadmills, and do they warrant the high prices they command? Follow us as we dive into the best eleven high-end treadmills and see whether their features should be worth that much.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Treadmill

If you want to purchase a reliable treadmill, there are several factors you need to consider.

The Price: Price is not limited to treadmills alone since anything you buy; you will want to know if you’re getting the best deal at the price you’re paying. You should thus carefully consider the price before purchasing a treadmill.

People often take a higher price to mean a quality product. That isn’t always true, though. That is why you have to consider the other features relative to the price.

The Size of the Running Belt: The running belt should be wide enough to support you. If you are tall (over 6 feet), You will want a running belt that is wide enough to protect you from knee injuries and make the exercising smoother

Yun should consider the material of the running belt. Most running machines come with multiple rubber layers that should be comfortable enough for anyone.

The Motor: The treadmill has a motor that powers it through your work out sessions. You will need to select a treadmill with a powerful motor that makes it fast.

A good motor should also be silent. Since you will most likely be using it in your house, you will also need it to be as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing your neighbors and family.

The Ease of Use: The ease of use is dictated by how the other features are and whether operating the machine is easy. Suppose the treadmill has a large display screen, the better because you will want to see your running stats.

The controls should also be easily accessible to stop and start it more straightforwardly. You wouldn’t want a complicated treadmill messing up your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a high-end treadmill Cost?

Most high-end treadmills will set you back by over $2000. The high price is mostly because of several smart features. They are also relatively easy to use.

  1. Cheap vs. Expensive Treadmill-What are the Differences?

Apart from the apparent differences in their price, there are several ways in which cheap treadmills differ from their costlier counterparts.

For instance, the expensive treadmills have so many smart features that enable their comfortable operation. You won’t find features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in cheap treadmills.

Expensive treadmills are also quite elaborate in operation. They are not easy to operate because of too many features. To put it simply, they will take you some time to figure them out.

That is unlike the cheaper treadmills that are very easy to use. More affordable treadmills have lesser features and only provide you with one or two running or walking functions.

However, the one you choose will ultimately depend on your budget. You can find great deals for both expensive and cheap treadmills.

  1. Why are Woodway treadmills so expensive?

Woodway specializes in making high-end treadmills that will stand the test of time. Their treadmills are usually so durable that they can easily outlive these other treadmills on the market.

They come with a unique slat belt runway that reduces friction and provides comfortable training. With less friction, the machine uses up less power, making it exceptionally energy efficient.

They might be the most expensive, but they are well worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now know why the treadmills on our list are some of the most expensive treadmills. They come with several smart features that will have most people hooked. The features, in combination with their sleek designs, make them highly-priced.

You wouldn’t argue against that, would you?

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