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Weight Loss Tips For Teenager

The phase of Adolescence is a delicate one. It is one of the most vital stages of a person’s life. Adolescence is what ushers in adult life and is usually characterized by various hormonal changes.

Because of this, teens have to pay very keen attention to how and what they eat. Otherwise, their body and general health may begin to get affected negatively.

Even for teens, getting rid of excess body fat can improve health and boost self-confidence in many ways. However, our generation of adolescents has taken little or no interest in sporting activities.

As this is so, they’re often overweight and suffer from various unhealthiness. Thankfully, the best weight loss tips for teens have been compiled here for any teenager who is trying to lose weight the healthy way.

Why Do Teens get Overweight & What Are The Effects?

Unhealthy weight gain and junk food go hand in hand. Unfortunately, it is these junk foods that many teenagers prefer to eat. Hardly will you find an adolescent nowadays who will not comment on how delicious burgers are.

However, this kind of food has many harmful consequences.

Many young adults now find themselves to be obese. But apart from the unnecessary weight gain, teens also have to fight the health and psychological issues that come with being obese. To a high degree, being overweight affects the self-esteem of teens. As such, they will want to go to any length just to shed weight. What this means is that they will usually skip meals and start living on some crazy diet.

Unfortunately, this only does little in the way of helping to shed weight. Plus, they often result in other complications. A lot of teens who have tried to lose weight in an unhealthy way are now experiencing eating disorders. So you see, rather than making things better, skipping meals will only rob your body of all the much need nutrients, especially as you’re in a phase of rapid growth.

Therefore, to all teenagers out there, keep in mind that you need not subject yourself to hunger before you can shed excess weight. The best and most healthy way to reduce your weight is to start a diet that is both healthy and balanced. In addition to this, do physical workouts.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Teenager

Before anything, you need to understand that losing weight does not just happen in a single day. Your body will require time to shed fat completely. What this also implies is that to get back in shape successfully, you’ll need to exercise patience and maintain your consistency. If you do these, you’ll eventually be fit again. Here are some useful tips for weight loss.

Tip 1: Never Skip Meals


Contrary to the belief of many teens, skipping meals does not help you to lose weight. It does the opposite. It is more healthy and useful to take small portions of meals ever three hours. At the very least, eat five small meals a day. This will help you to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Also, when we tend to make a habit of skipping breakfast. However, many of us do this because we do not understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If your breakfast is healthy, the chances are that you may not be too hungry when lunch comes. Besides, it has been discovered that those who always eat breakfast have a lower body mass index.

Tip 2: Consume Lots Of Liquids

Consume-Lots-Of-Liquids-300x200[1]When we say liquids, we do not mean soda or any other carbonated drink. Unlike when you drink healthy fluids like water, processed juices merely fill your body with sugar and not with any useful nutrient.

Drinking water helps to hydrates your whole body. Also, it’s get rid of toxins, and this helps in no small way to keep the body healthy.

So, try drinking at least 3 litres of water per day. You can also take green tea. Other consumable liquids include natural, non-sugary fruit juices which you can dilute with water or milk.

Tip 3: Always Avoid Processed Food

While it is true that burger and cookies and chips are tasty, avoiding them is one of the prices we have to pay to stay healthy and fit. Because processed foods have lots of sugar and fat and do not really contain any substantial nutrient, eating them will only add to the calories in our body and make us fatter.

However, the more worrying thing about processed food is that they are high in cholesterol. As such, food like this increase one’s chances of experiencing heart diseases. Choose instead to consume fruits and vegetables. They are healthy and will continuously supply your body with nutrients.

Tip 4: Eat Nothing Once It Is Past 8 pm

To anyone trying to lose weight, late-night meals are not the most ideal. Anything dinner should be consumed before 8 pm. Though you should try as much as possible not to eat anything when it is already past 8, opt for tea if the hunger starts to get unbearable.

Tip 5: Avoid Chewing Gum Like The Plague

Chewing gum may be able to keep you from going hungry. However, it is generally unhealthy for your stomach. A better choice is to suck on Mount leaf. Not only will this keep you from going hungry, but it will also help keep your mouth fresh.

Tip 6: Say NO To Fad Diet!

One thing about Fad diets is that they can be deceiving. Fad diets will cause you to lose the water in your body, thereby making it seem as though you’ve really lost calories. However, once you start regularly eating again, all the fat will come running back. You end up more obese than you originally were.

Tip 7: Exercising


As much as a healthy diet is vital for weight loss, physical exercise should not be neglected as well. Workouts are known to help burn fat and if you aim to lose weight, then you know exercises are a must-do.
In addition to healthy eating and physical exercise, always endeavour to change bad habits.

If you’re overweight, you need as much physical exertion as possible. Therefore, always opt to walk to school rather than taking a bus. You can also stroll or ride a bike around your neighbourhood regularly. This way, you build habits that help you lose weight and remain fit for a long time.


Don’t forget to eat more carbohydrate-rich food because you need all the energy they provide. Also, consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible. What you should be eating less of are sweets, gums, cookies and the likes. It is always better to go the healthy route when trying to lose weight. Once you complement a healthy diet with proper exercise, you’ll be fit again in no time.

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